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Inner peace...   




Nowadays, what you as a human process in a day can sometimes be more than you seem to be able to bear. Your job, studies, partner, children, family, friends, sports, hobbies, the forced relaxation, and other obligations. Along with that, you feel the unrest around you and in the world. Our instant society seems to exhaust us mentally. You wonder how you can keep all the balls in the air. The words 'meaning' and 'balance' seem barely tangible. In short, your body, and even more so your mind, longs to recharge. Just nothing but peace and relaxation, without having to actively undertake anything for it.


A Theta Session is experienced lying down. During the session, a safe space is paramount. You are introduced by means of a ceremonial dose of cocoa through a breathing exercise. You may allow yourself to be carried away under the guidance of hypnotic electronic sounds supplemented with acoustic tones. These unique methods lead you to the "theta state". The theta state is reached when your brain reaches a frequency of 4-8 Hz. This is the same meditative state as when you fall asleep. The result is that your nervous system shuts down and the stored stress can flow out of your body. The result when you are in this state and still remain awake, is that you gain more insight within yourself and space for creativity can emerge. The Theta Sessions take place at two unique locations. In The Hague, namely at the bottom of a former swimming pool called 'het diepe'. This space is part of the Regentes theater. In Rotterdam, it takes place in a historic shipyard, which is nowadays a sustainable-social incubator called Oasis. There is space to arrive calmly beforehand. Afterwards, there is time to land gently with a cup of tea, water, and (healthy) snacks.

If you want to be among the select number of participants, reserve a spot for yourself in advance to avoid any unnecessary additional stress. 

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