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Theta Session originated from a collaboration between two friends. Both have walked their paths in this life. Now they share a dose of life experience together. Randy is the musical genius, with a career as an international DJ & producer, proud father, and a sensitive perfectionist. Ernesto is an observer of life and death, entrepreneur, expert in managing his own energy, and has experience working with plant medicines (including Ayahuasca).


Randy and Ernesto have always had a special bond. The bond formed in their toddler years when they grew up in the same neighborhood. What they then experienced as natural turned out to be unique! They felt a connection akin to that of twins, with parallel thoughts, feelings, and events. During their youth, they both grew up in an unsafe environment, leading them to develop survival/coping mechanisms. This unique start to life ultimately yielded beautiful traits. They both always had a strong passion for music.

Randy began producing electronic music at the age of ten on his Amiga computer, creating a sense of safety for himself. As he grew into adulthood, he increasingly recognized patterns within himself, becoming critical of his past self and questioning who he truly is. This resulted in an uncomfortable and dark period where he began to shed layers.

Ernesto had developed the ability to live outside of his body and feelings, ultimately resulting in illness. Conventional medicine could not treat him, prompting his journey into the study of medicinal plants. It took several years before he began to feel more vital. These years gave him ample time and space to study the effects of plants. His passion and fascination for plants eventually translated into the shamanic path.

As Randy and Ernesto became adults, their paths diverged. Despite losing contact with each other, they experienced similar life themes. This marked the beginning of their inner journey. Taking responsibility for themselves, they healed the wounded parts. When the time was right, a birthday ceremony was celebrated. Unbeknownst to them beforehand, this was the birth of Theta Session. Everything fell into place. Years of different therapies and treatments, Randy's experience with his career as an artist combined with his sensitivity, Ernesto and his shamanic side and his experience with plant medicine ceremonies.

Through the inner work done by Randy and Ernesto, they now approach and experience life differently than before. They want to share the pieces they have mastered with those who are open to being inspired in that area. Together with a team, they facilitate a space to provide an opportunity to connect with the nature within you in a safe setting.

Ernesto Arrendell

facilieerder & begeleider

Randy Tjon-a-Fon

sound creator

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